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Settle for More

Settle for more. What a simple concept, yet so hard to achieve. We’ve all heard, and most likely seen people settle for less than what they want or deserve; I know I have. I’ve found myself settling for everything from one sided-relationships, to health, to choice of job. So, as the year comes to a close, I’ve decided to recommit to me and my happiness. No more settling, starting today.

I know too many people who aren’t happy with their lives. Things didn’t turn out the way they wanted them to, and as a result, they’ve settled for a mediocre life. I see the effects of this on a daily basis, and it saddens me to know that people I’m close to are so unhappy. I think because I see it so often, I’ve refused to allow myself to settle into anything that doesn’t make me happy.

I think the first thing people tend to settle with is relationships. Whether it’s friendship, romantic, or familial, I’m sure we all have stories of allowing someone to treat us poorly. I’ve had too many one-sided relationships to count, and as a result, my circle has become incredibly small. It sounds lonely, but in actuality, it gives me a sense of peace to know that I’m in control of who I’m closest to. You are the CEO of your life, which means you can promote (or demote) anyone you chose.

Health is something that tends to become a vicious cycle of thoughts like, “I hate my body” or “What the hell, I’ll just eat it because I’m fat anyway.” Both of my grandmothers have/had health issues, so I’ve started really paying attention to things like my sugar consumption, and how often I work out. By eating right and exercising regularly, I not only feel in control of my health, but I’m also taking steps to prevent future health issues that run in the family.

As far as a career goes, whatever you choose to do should make you excited to get out of bed every morning. Life isn’t worth living if you have to dread getting out of bed every day because you don’t enjoy your work. Allowing finances to run your life won’t fulfill you in the slightest, so chase the very thing that excites you the most.

All of this is why I continue to pursue acting. Is it guaranteed? No. Do I always get paid? No. Will I ever be the next Mary Beth Evans? Who knows. I just know when I’m doing it, I’m happy. I know when I take the time to go to the gym, I’m happy. I know that when I put my apron on every morning (even when it’s 3:30am!) I’m happy. The bottom line is, life is too short to settle for anything less than what sets your soul on fire. Instead of settling for less, I dare you to settle for more.

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