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My New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again; everyone starts making their New Years resolutions. I see the new year as a chance to reinvent, start over, and take full control of my life. The chances of people sticking to their New Years resolutions past February or March are about 50/50. It’s easy to let them slide when life gets busy. However, I’ve decided to share my resolutions with you all, and check back in this time again next year, (in the hope I’ll actually stick to them!)

1). Stop the negative self-talk

I’m the worst offender when it comes to negative thought about myself, especially post-audition when I don’t the callback, or I get the callback and not the part. My brain automatically likes to go to “You’re not talented, you’ll never get another role again.” I also tend to do this when I make a mistake, whether it’s at work when I make a drink wrong, or if I forget to do something before I leave my house in the morning. It’s such an easy pattern for me to slip into. The bottom line is, it’s a problem that I need to work on.

2). Stop hitting the snooze button

I know, I know, hitting the snooze button in the morning messes up your sleep. I always tell myself I need those few extra minutes, and then I’ll be ready to wake up. I’ve tried all of the tricks, and none of them work for me. So, my goal is to actually get up when my alarm goes off in the morning.

3). Compliment someone every day

I’m a big believer in spreading kindness as much as possible. I know how much a compliment makes my day, and I want to do that for others as well. You never know what kind of a day someone is having, so why not be their ray of sunshine?

4). Start drinking my protein shakes…again

I know, the protein shake thing is boring. I used to do it religiously, but I fell off the wagon, ha! So, my goal is to get back on track with that.

The new year is a chance to reinvent ourselves. So I say, let's do it! What are your new years resolutions?

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