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Spring DIY's!

I love finding new and inexpensive ways to redecorate my room throughout the year! With spring and summer quickly approaching, I decided to try a few days to spice up my room decor for the season.

1). Fairy lights

Okay, I'm not totally sure if that's what these are called, but that's what I'm going with. I just love them! I found these at Target, but you can pretty much find them anywhere home decor is sold.

2). Flowers in mason jars

Here's the deal; I love the idea of gardening, but here in Arizona, it's just not realistic. So, I decided to buy fake flowers from Michael's (or any craft store), and put them in little glass jars. Now, I can bring the feel of spring and summer in, without having to kill a bunch of flowers in the process.

3). Inspiration wall

I really wanted to incorporate some inspiration into my room decor. I found a few of my favorite quotes from Pinterest, printed them out, and put them in very inexpensive frames I found at the Dollar Store.

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