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My Summer Essentials!

Now that it’s July, that means it’s officially summer here in Arizona. On a good day, it stays around 100 degrees. On a bad day, it can get up to 117! (Yikes!) In this week’s blog post, I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks for trying to beat the heat.

1). A cute water bottle

Staying hydrated is important all year round, but especially so in the hot summer months. For me, having a cute water bottle encourages me to drink more water! This one is my current favorite (Thanks Renee!):

2). Keep a sweat towel in your car

One of the worst parts about the summer heat is how hot your car gets when it just sits outside. I have a few sweat towels you can get wet, and they instantly cool you down. By keeping one in my car, I always have a quick way to cool down until my car’s A/C kicks in! You can find them pretty much anywhere.

Wearing shorts and tank tops means smooth skin is a must! I love this homemade body scrub, because it’s natural, and so inexpensive to make! I combine coffee grounds, coconut oil, and sugar to make it:

4). Use dry shampoo every night to get rid of excess oils and sweat

Nobody wants to wash their hair every day, I get it. So, what I like to do before I go to bed is use dry shampoo, because it makes my hair feel fresh, and gets rid of any oil and sweat from the day. I’m currently using this one from Not Your Mother's:

5). Skip the foundation

I hardly wear foundation as it is, unless it’s stage makeup. Foundation clogs your pores, especially when it’s so hot and you’re more likely to sweat. This time of year, I go for a bronzer to give me a nice highlight, and to save my skin. I’m currently using this one from Cover Girl:

What are your tips and tricks for surviving the summer heat?

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