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My Fall Decor Inspiration

My favorite time of year has finally arrived! I love the changing weather, the wardrobe shifts, but mostly importantly, redecorating! I love being able to DIY some of my décor, so I decided to share a few of my fall décor pieces in this week’s blog.

1). Pumpkins!

Of course, pumpkins are a staple piece this time of year! I just bought a few pumpkins from Michael’s, some gold paint, and used a round sponge brush to give them a little flare. I also found this other cute pumpkin at the dollar store to add as well:

2). Mason Jars

I use mason jars for decorations in pretty much every season. For these, I glued a few fake leaves to them, and filled them with baby pinecones:

I found these at Target a few years ago, and I absolutely love them! I think they’re such a fun shifts from summer to fall, and they really make any space feel cozy:

These are just a few ways I decorate for the fall; I’d love to hear what some of your décor essentials are!

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