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My Winter Fashion Guide

With it being November, we can officially consider it to be winter here in Arizona! I love this time of year; aside from the holidays, I love leg warmers, scarves, oversized sweaters, and boots. That being said, I decided to round up my fashion essentials for the cold weather (or what we consider cold!)

1). Sweaters

The great thing about sweaters is you can wear them with just about anything, from leggings, to jeans, to tights and a skirt, you really can’t go wrong! These are a few of my favorite ways to wear them:

2). Scarves

The thing I love about scarves is they’re an easy way to dress up any outfit. Infinity scarves are my favorite style, but I have all sorts of colors and patterns I love to wear:

3). Boots

Okay, it’s not a secret how much I love boots. I own way too many, and can never say no to a good boot find! These are a few of my favorites; (they all wouldn’t fit in one picture!):

4). Leg Warmers

I’m so excited that leg warmers have made a comeback in the last few years, because they’re adorable! I have different styles and patterns, and these are a few of them:

What are some of your favorite winter fashion pieces? Comment below!

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