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DIY Christmas Gifts

One of my favorite holiday traditions is making gifts for my friends and family! I’ve always believed taking the time to make your gifts is so much more sentimental than going out and buying something. The added bonus is it gives me yet another excuse to be creative! This year, I decided to make glittered candle jars, and in this week’s blog, I’m showing you how I made them!

What you’ll need:

-Mason jars

-Mod podge

-Sponge brush


-Glitter of your choice

I also like to use some rubbing alcohol on the bottom of them to get the price tag off so they have a nice clean finish.

2). In a small bowl, mix 2/3 mod lodge and 1/3 water

The mixture thins out the mod podge, so when you apply it to the inside of the mason jar, it isn’t as bulky and allows the glitter to stick a little easier.

3). Glitter time!

The trick to this is you want the majority of your glitter at the base of the mason jar, and to create almost an ombre effect as you work towards the top.

4). Let them dry for about 48 hours, shake the excess glitter out, and finish them off with a tea light!

I’m obsessed with these, and I may even wind up making a few for myself! Let me know if you give them a try!

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