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5 Tips for Bad Mental Health Days

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month, and it’s a topic I’m so passionate about. As someone who struggles with anxiety, it’s important for me to talk about it, and do my part to de-stigmatize the conversation. Several years ago, I wrote a blog post on my own anxiety. So, in this week’s post, I wanted to share the things I do when I’m having one of those “mental health days” in order to keep me going.

1). Get outdoors

The first thing I do is grab my water and head outside for some fresh air. Now, I realize in states like mine, it’s starting to hit the triple digits. But, I still like to head outside for a few minutes; I find it always helps clear my head

2). Schedule “worry time”

This has been helpful for me, because this way, I’m not just ignoring what I’m worrying about. By designating a few minutes to worry and analyze whatever it is, it allows me to compartmentalize until that time comes, because I know it will.

3). Have a go-to playlist

If I’m being honest, this playlist consists mostly of Taylor Swift songs (If you know me, this doesn’t surprise you!) It’s full of songs that make me happy, and are a sure way to boost my mood.

4). Journal

I find that by writing out my thoughts, it helps me get them out of my head. This way, I’m not stewing over them as much, because those worries now live on a page, rather than in my head. This is especially important for me in the evening, so I’m not thinking about a million things when I’m trying to fall asleep.

5). Be kind to yourself

Always remember to be gentle with yourself on those hard days. You’re doing the best you can, and that’s always enough.

How do you handle bad mental health days? Share in the comments below!

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