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5 Ways to Win Back Your Mornings

*Originally Published on August 23, 2018

If I’m being honest, I’m really not a morning person. I love the days where I can sleep in, and leisurely drink my coffee without having to be somewhere. However, the last few years have taught me how to be a morning person, (or at least how to make it look like I’m a morning person). I thought I’d share the tips and tricks I’ve learned about how to win back your mornings, even if they make you grumpy.

1). Hot lemon water

When I first wake up, I can tell how dehydrated I am. If I drink a glass of hot lemon water first thing, I always feel so much better because my body isn’t so water-deprived. I also try to have my lemon cut up the night before, so that’s one less thing I have to do when I’m tired and groggy.

2). Set my alarm for 1 ½-2 hours before I have to leave

I know, I know, this seems a little extreme. I’m the kind of person who needs the time to sit on my couch, drink my coffee, and have a little “me” time before I hit the ground running. By getting up earlier, I have more than enough time to do that, and still get ready. I find myself in a much better mood for the rest of the day because I didn’t wake up at the last minute and rush out the door.

3). Make breakfast

The saying is true; breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I’m not saying make an elaborate breakfast every morning; rarely do I have time during the week for the waffles, pancakes, or bacon and eggs. Even if it’s just a bowl of oatmeal or Cheerios, I find myself less hungry during the day, because I started off with a proper meal. (My go-to is a few scrambled eggs in my Egg-Tastic with some cut up tomatoes; it's ready in less than 2 minutes!)

4). Workout

I never used to be a morning workout kind of person. I don’t do it every morning, but if I have a busy day and the morning is the only time I have, I do try and squeeze it in. I have to say, it does wake me up and make me feel much better, especially when I’m tired and groggy.

5). Pack your bag the night before

The last thing I want to worry about in the morning is making sure I have everything I need for the day. If I’m rushing, I know I’ll ultimately forget something important. By getting everything ready the night before, I don’t have to worry, and I can just grab my bag in the morning and go.

What are your favorite remedies for morning grumpiness?

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