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Designing your Perfect Workout

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out what workouts you should do, or shouldn’t do? Do you wish you had a clear cut plan to create a workout that fits your needs? I’ve got you covered! In this weeks blog, I’m sharing what questions to ask yourself when you’re designing your workout.

1). High Impact or Low Impact?

This is an important thing to consider if you have issues like arthritis, joint pain, etc. Low impact is safer and more beneficial, whereas someone without those issues can do more high impact activities.

2). More Focus on Cardio or Strength?

While everyone needs a combination of both, one may need more focus than the other depending on your goals. If you want to work on speed and agility, cardio should be the main focus. If you want to work on general mobility, strength, or muscle growth, you’d focus more on strength.

3). What Muscle Groups do you Want to Work On?

Obviously there are certain exercises for certain muscle groups. So, if there’s a certain area you want to focus on, you should make sure you’re doing the appropriate exercises.

I hope this helps you start designed a plan for yourself! Let me know over on Instagram @alexandraraye05 what answers you come up with!

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