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Meal Prepping for the Holidays

Friends, we’re about to head into a season of all things food. Honestly, I look forward to all the deliciousness that comes with the holiday season! We all have that relative that makes the best of something, and we always eat WAY too much of it. In this week’s blog post, I wanted to share how I meal prep for this time of year, so I can enjoy every single ounce of food without the guilt!

1). Keep your refrigerator colorful

This means ALL the fruits and veggies, ya’ll. For me, I love keeping things like strawberries, blueberries, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes on hand. I also like to keep hummus, which is a great healthy fat I can dip those veggies in! (The roasted garlic flavor is my favorite!)

2). Cook in bulk for the entire week

The whole idea behind this idea is that you always have healthy food prepped and ready to go. That way, whatever you had the night before at a family dinner feels less heavy. Also, you’re giving yourself the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to offset the holiday goodies.

3). Eat your protein!

The great thing about protein is it keeps your body feeling fuller, longer. This way, you won’t overeat at those family gatherings and parties. You can still enjoy the food, without feeling stuffed. Some of my favorite protein sources are tuna, eggs, and peas for my veggie eaters.

4).  Remember it’s all about balance

At the end of the day, it is the holidays, friends! We should absolutely be able to enjoy ourselves, without feeling like we have to be the “negative Nancy” over in the corner with a kale salad. Do what you can to fuel your body, so you can actually enjoy all of that delicious food!

Do you find any of these tips helpful? How do you keep yourself healthy during the holidays? Share your thoughts below!

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