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My 2020 Summer Essentials

I can’t believe it’s already almost August! It seems like the summer has just flown by, or for me, slipped right out from under me. Normally, I’d have made time for the pool, and other fun summer activities. However, with everything going on in the world, we’ve all had to make adjustments to our summer plans. So, in this week’s blog post, I wanted to share my 2020 summer essentials, and the things I’m currently loving!

1). Proactiv Spin Brush

With wearing a mask so much, I’ve definitely had an acne outbreak. This brush definitely helps clean out my pores, and keeps my skin smooth and healthy! (Learn more about their products at

2). Disney +

Sometimes, a good movie night does the trick on a hot summer night! For me, I’ve been obsessed with Hamilton, but Disney + has such an amazing selection of new and classic Disney favorites!

3). Fruit-Infused Water

I love putting different fruits in my water, especially during the summer! I love to experiment with combinations like cucumber and lemon, or kiwi and strawberry!

4). Taylor Swift’s New Album Folklore

Here’s the deal; Taylor Swift has always been one of my favorites. And, with her new album, she quite possibly saved my entire 2020. If you haven’t go give it a listen!

5). Silky Pajamas

Okay, they’re more of a knock-off silk. But still, they’re so comfy! Especially with not having anywhere to wear my sundresses or rompers, I love being able to put on a cute pair of jammies at night! This particular pair is from Amazon.

What are some of the things you’ve been loving this summer? Share them below!

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