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My Christmas Decor

It’s officially the Christmas season, friends! This is definitely my favorite holiday, and I love being able to decorate. So, in this week’s blog, I’m sharing my Christmas decor!

1). Mini Christmas Trees

These are 2 ESSENTIALS for me every single year! I have a pink mini tree from Target, as well as a Charlie Brown tree that I received from my aunt several years ago. (Of course, I had to find a Snoopy to go with it!)

2). Christmas Lights!

What would Christmas be without the lights? I love to put multicolor lights anywhere I can! I even have a smaller strand of them for my bathroom:

3). Christmas-Themed Furry Friends

I love to put these little guys all around the house, just to make me smile whenever I see them! The bear is a Build-a-Bear I made with my grandma years ago:

4). Other Fun Decor Pieces:

Doesn’t it seem like we always collect Christmas decor through the years? For me, these are a few that I’ve collected. The “Better not Pout” sign was a gift from a former coworker, and the little snow globe is an old decoration from my grandma:

I hope this inspired you to put up your decorations if you haven’t yet already! What are some of your Christmas decor pieces you absolutely have to have? Share them below!

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