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My Spring Essentials!

Spring is alive and well, friends! Flowers are blooming,the weather is warming up, and there’s a fresh feeling in the air. With the new season, I always find myself gravitating towards certain products and activities. So, in this week’s blog post, I’m sharing what those are!

1). Cucumber water

There’s something about putting cucumber in my water that makes me feel spa-like. And, I find I drink more water during the day when I do that! You can choose whatever fruit you like, like lemon strawberries. or even melon!

2). A cute pair of heels

Okay, I know I really don’t have anywhere to wear these right now But, I love having a cute pair to wear when I do! I love this pair from Steve Madden:

3). A binge-worthy TV show

If you’ve spent any time with me in the last year, you know I’m obsessed with Schitt’s Creek! Netflix has so many good shows right now, but Schitt’s Creek is definitely my favorite!

4). A good book

I’ve really been trying to read more, and so I’m a,ways on the hunt for a good book. This is my go-to at the moment:

5). A fun nail color

You know I love Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish, and this color is my favorite right now! Doing your own nails is so much less expensive than having them done, and I think they look just as good!

What are some of your spring essentials? Share them in the comments below!

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