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My Summer Essentials

Summer is officially here, friends! The weather is heating up, school is out, and flip flops and shorts are the attire for the next several months. So, in this week’s blog, I wanted to share some of my summer essentials!

1). Fruit-flavored water

This is HUGE for me! I love throwing lemon, cucumber, or strawberries in my water. it’s a natural way to give your water a little flavor, and you’re more likely to drink more of it!

2). A go-to maxi dress

Listen, maxi dresses are one of the most comfortable things you can wear in the summer! They’re flown, comfortable, and easy to throw on at the last minute. This one from Forever 21 is one of my favorites:

3). A favorite playlist

I’ll be honest, you’ll usually find me listening to Taylor Swift most days. But, I like making a new Spotify playlist every few months when I feel like mixing it up! Here are a few of my current favorites:

4). Fake flowers

I’m definitely an “aesthetic” person; and I absolutely love having flowers around! I usually find some cute ones from Michaels, and put them in vases around my house:

5). A mini fan

Okay, I know this is a little weird, but this mini fan has saved my life! I like to keep my room cool when I sleep, because I have to be able to pull the covers up. So, I have a mini fan in the corner that works with my ceiling fan to keep my room at a reasonable temperature all night long.

What are some of your summer essentials? Share them in the comments below!

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