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My Summer Fashion Essentials

My summer wardrobe has officially made its debut for the year! I have so many summer staple pieces that I love, from cute shorts, to rompers, to maxi skirts. In my latest blog post, I share the summer fashion pieces I’m currently loving!

1). Rompers

I wear rompers all year round, but I have a few I love for the summer months:

Both rompers from Francesca’s

2). Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts and/or dresses are a must-have for me this time of year! This is the one I’m currently loving:

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

3). Sundresses

Sundresses are the perfect summer wardrobe piece because they’re light, comfy, and stylish! This one is my current favorite:

Dress: Francesca’s

Shoes: Brighton

4). Detailed shorts and top

You can never go wrong with the simple pieces! I love solid colored pieces that have a hint of detail to them. This combo is mu current go-to:

Short & Top: Francesca’s

Shoes: Brighton

What are some of your summer fashion essentials? Share your thoughts below!

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