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Tips for Staying Healthy in Quarantine

In these challenging times we’re facing right now, one of the biggest things suffering is our health. With no access to gyms, it’s very easy to slip into the pattern of working out less, and eating more. I’ve been guilty of this myself in these last few months. However, I did pull it together and get myself back into a routine. In my latest blog post, I wanted to share the things I’ve tried to implement to stay on track during this quarantine!

1). Eat more fruits and veggies

There are so many ways to eat fruits and veggies, and especially when it comes to cooking! I try to incorporate a serving of each into every meal. My favorites include apples and peanut butter, cauliflower, broccoli, oranges, and bananas!

2). Drink more water!

I’ve found that many times, when I think I’m hungry, I’m actually just thirsty. I love putting fruit in my water to give it a little taste, and I find myself drinking more water that way! Cucumbers and lemons are my go-to’s right now.

3). Find at-home workouts on YouTube

The amazing thing about social media is there’s no shortage of content out there! Whether it’s Instagram, Tis Tok, or YouTube, there are so many fitness creators out there (myself including!) with great workouts to help keep you in shape!

4). Get extra sleep

There’s no reason we can’t get a little extra sleep these days! Take advantage of the extra time to rest and recharge (as tempting as it is to binge your new favorite Netflix series until 2am).

What are you doing to help keep yourself healthy during quarantine? Share your thoughts below!

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