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Using the Power of Music to Your Advantage

If you’ve known me for any period of time, you know how much I love music! It holds such power to make us feel a certain way, and I use it for so many different scenarios! In this week’s blog post, I wanted to talk about using the power of music to your advantage.

Music is absolutely essential for me when I start my day, ESPECIALLY when it’s before 7am. My go to when I know I have to jump out of bed and get an early start is a song called Hustlin’ by Rick Ross. Now, I know rap isn’t everyone’s favorite, but this is my personal go-to when I need to get in the right mindset…and fast! It was recommended to me by a blogger I follow, Alyssa Tabit. (

Another big way I use music is when I need to be up in my feels. I’ve found if you take the time to acknowledge your negative emotions, they are much easier to deal with and get over. So, I of course have a playlist for when I need a good cry. Below is a list of some of my favorite songs for different moods:

For when I need upbeat positivity:

Reflection: Fifth Harmony

Confident: Demi Lovato

Woman Up: Meghan Trainor

Let ‘Em Talk: Kesha

People Like Us: Kelly Clarkson

When I’m all up in my feels:

Come Wake me Up: Rascal Flatts

Torn: Glee Cast Version

Slow me Down: Sara Evans

Low: Kelly Clarkson

Just Another Song: Lucy Hale

When I’m angry:

Famous: Kelleigh Bannen

Obsessed: Mariah Carey

Blow me (One Last Kiss): Pink

Half Broke Heart: Cam

Dirty Laundry: Carrie Underwood

When I need motivation:

Good as Hell: Lizzo

Hustle: Pink

Cut You Off: Selena Gomez

I Love Me: Demi Lovato

No Excuses: Meghan Trainor

Let me know what some of your favorite songs are, I’m always looking for new music!

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