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What Does Success Look Like?

What does success look like to you? The truth is, it can look like so many different things for different people! Whether your goals lie in fitness, your personal life, or anything else, it’s important to understand that finding your own version of success can make ALL the difference. So, in this week’s blog, I’m sharing how to find that success (in whatever area of your life you need) as well as some of the tools I use to get there, and see it for myself.

Success is no longer the traditional “big house with a white picket fence.” Today, it’s about having a career you love, and life you don’t need a vacation from. It’s about creating the best version of yourself, whatever that looks like to you. For me, it means growing my business, and being able to serve my clients from the best place possible! So. here are a few things to think about when you’re trying to define your version of “success.”

1). What’s your “Why?”

This is SO important, because if keeps you going on the rough days! Maybe you want to loose 20 lbs so you have more energy to play with your kids. Maybe you want to rebuild your strength post-injury so you can function almost as well as you did before. We all have our “why;” it’s about identifying it.

2). Focus on the Little Habits

Small habits each day can add up to big results! It starts with something small, like eating more fruits and veggies, or cutting out soda. From there, it can mean going for daily walks, or getting a stretch in. Your long term success is found in your daily habits!

3). Ignore Irrelevant Opinions

At the end of the day, your version of success doesn’t have to meet the approval of others. Stay in your own lane, and do your own thing.

How do you define success? What does it look like for you? Share in the comments, or come let me know over on Instagram @alexandraraye05

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