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Why you Need Non-Negotiables

I really believe one of the blessings to come out of this pandemic is our ability to really gain perspective on what we want, and what we don’t want. For me, I’ve been able to get really clear on what I want my days to look like, and what things I have to make sure I do and make time for. In this week’s blog, I’m sharing the importance of identifying those things, and how to make time for them.

First of all, let’s talk about the difference between boundaries and non-negotiables. Boundaries are limitations that you set for yourself, in order to maintain your own well-being. Non-negotiables are certain activities you want to do everyday to bring you joy, and make life more fulfilling. However, we’ve been trained to think that we don’t have time for those things. Friends, this is so wrong!

For me, there are a few things I have to do every day that bring me joy. In the morning, I spend a little time with my journal and coffee. Whether this lasts for 15 minutes or an hour, it always starts my day off on the right tone. Throughout the day, I make sure I’m drinking my water, which I normally put cucumbers in. Finally, at the end of my day, I like to make myself a nice dinner, and watch the tv shows I’m excited about.

You can apply these non-negotiables to every area of your life; I certainly do! I have some for work and my fitness/nutrition as well. When you set these expectations for yourself, you feel good about what you get done over the course of a day, but you also get to do things that are exciting and fulfilling to you!

What are your non-negotiables? Does this concept resonate with you? Share them and your thoughts in the comments below!

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