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Why your Mindset can Attract Better

Have you ever heard the quote, “Your body knows you can, it’s your mind you have to convince?” This is something I used to roll my eyes at, because it was too “woo” for me. I always thought things were just about working hard enough, or pushing through obstacles. But, nobody ever talked to me about how important mindset is. So, in this week’s blog, I’m sharing why it’s so important to shift our priorities to our mindset, rather than just our physical being.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, or anything similar, the idea is that you attract what you think about. For example, if you think about all of the things you’re afraid of, you’ll attract those things. That’s why you always hear people talking about the importance of what energy you’re giving off.This is very similar to the quote, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” You attract the things that are similar to the energy you give off. So, if you wake up in a bad mood, and you stay there, you’re basically writing the rest of your day to be that way.

Physically, your body is capable of doing anything you want to do. That’s common knowledge. Your mind is what stands in the way, because it’s designed to find the problems in order to keep us safe; We naturally have the tendency to look for the things that could go wrong, rather than the things that could go right. In doing so, we sabotage things that could ultimately be wonderful, out of fear.

So, my question to you all, is how often do you focus on what could go right, rather than wrong? Do you spend most of your time being grateful for what you do have, rather than what you don’t? If you find yourself focusing on the negative more often than not, I encourage you to do some soul searching, and start to shift the energy you give off. You’ll be surprised at the changes that come your way when you do!

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