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Alexandra Raye's 1:1 Monthly Coaching Program


Hi there! I’m Alexandra Raye, and I’m a certified Elite Trainer with specialties in training, nutrition, and corrective exercise. I teach my clients that in order to achieve the best results for your health, you need both the exercise as well as the food. And, the most important part is to form a healthy relationship between your workouts and food, in order to fuel your body, rather than starve it. That’s why I created my 1:1 monthly coaching customized workout and meal prep plans, catered completely to you!




1:1 Monthly Coaching Program


-Customized workout/meal prep plans re-evaluated at the end of every month)


-2 check in Zooms each week (30 minutes) [This is your time! If you want to workout with me or ask questions about your plan, this is the face time to do it!]


-Voxer messaging support (Responds Mon-Fri 9am-6pm)

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