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5 Tips for Working out in Warmer Weather!

Regardless of where you live, the weather is definitely heating up as we head into the summer months! In some parts of the country, it doesn’t get too terribly warm, while in places like Arizona, it’s been known to get above 120 degrees! Yikes! Over the years, I’ve developed some helpful hints when it comes to working out it the warmer months, whether you’re going to a gym, or working out from home. So, in this week’s blog, I’m sharing them with you!

1). Use a sweat towel you can get wet

This is an absolute lifesaver! This type of sweat towel keeps you so much cooler than just a regular towel, and they’re super affordable1 You can find them almost anywhere, including any sports store, and Amazon!

2). Add extra ice to your water

The great thing about this is it keeps your water extra cold for a long period of time as the ice melts! This is an important one, especially if you enjoy working out outside.

3). Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This one goes without saying, but we all need to increase our water intake as the weather warms up! You should be drinking about 1/2 of your bodyweight in water, or 3L in total (with 1 of those liters coming from your food).

4). Sunscreen

If you’re working out outside, (even if it only gets into the 80’s where you live) don’t forget your sunscreen! I like to use the sport-specific ones, as they’re sweat resistant, and usually stronger in their protection.

5). Spend at least some of your workout outside

Unless it’s unbearably hot (like Arizona!) It’s good to get outdoors for some fresh air! There’s something about physical activity and fresh air that does wonders for you.

Which one of these resonates with you the most? Share in the comments below!

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