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How to Style Winter Coats

One of my favorite things about the winter season is getting to break out my winter coats! There are so many different styles of coats, and different ways to wear them. So, in this week’s blog post, I wanted to share 3 different ways that I style coats for this time of year.

1). The Formal Coat

This is definitely the dressier of my winter coats, and I look for any excuse to dress up and wear it! I love pairing it with a dress with tights and heels, or with a dressier top with leggings and heeled boots:

2). The Everyday Coat

This is one of those coats that can make any casual outfit feel fancy! Because of the texture of this coat, it’s easier to pair with everyday outfits, rather than just formal attire. I love throwing on a sweater with leggings and boots, and adding this coat to it. (It’s also a great option for rainy days):

3). The Sherpa

Okay this is by far the coziest option of the three! This is the one I primarily use for every day. This is a great option for the leg warmer/boot combo:

Do you have a winter coat you love; did this post inspire you to start working them into your wardrobe?

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