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How to Workout with Injuries

Most of us have had some kind of in jury in our lives. Sometimes they’re short term, and other times, they’re long term. With those long term injuries, it can be harder to stay healthy and get a decent amount of exercise in, because you don’t want to risk aggravating that injury, or making it worse. So, in this week’s blog, I’m sharing my top tips for working out around injuries!

1). Keep movements light and controlled

The less pressure you put on a muscle that’s injured, the better off you are. By using less weight, you’re still allowing it to move and function the way it needs to, without adding any unnecessary outside weight. And, but doing so, you’re able to control the movement more easily.

2). Use resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great tool for rehabbing injuries, because resistance is different than weight. Resistance is good to reintroduce to an injured muscle, because it starts to condition them again, without any added pressure like you get from external weight.

3). Focus on mobility first

Without mobility, nothing else matters! Make sure you’re training your body to complete a full range of movement before adding anything else in

Which one of these resonated with you the most? Share in the comments below!

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