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My Spring Decor

Happy March, friends! Does anyone else feel like time is flying by? I sure do! And, with it being a new month, and on the verge of a new season, I like to give my space a little “spring tune up” with some spring-themed decor. So, in this week’s blog post, I’m sharing what I use to do just that. Enjoy!

1). Twinkle Lights

These are battery-operated lights I found at Target, and I love the simplicity of them! I like to wrap them around several shelves to give them more of an effect.

2). Fake Flowers

This is one of the easiest ways to make your space feel fresh! I found this vase at the dollar store, along with the flowers, cut them down to fit, and there you have it! (The other vase was a gift from a dear friend).

3). Change Your Comforter

I happen to have a comforter that’s double sides, which is so helpful! I just flipped mine over, and added a homemade blanket from and extended family member of mine. But, you can always find an inexpensive one in a fun, spring color you like.

How do you spruce up your space for the spring? Share in the comments below!

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