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The Ultimate Surprise: Celebrating my Parent’s 30th Anniversary!

I’m a big lover of planning parities, and I recently pulled off a big one; a surprise 30th Anniversary party for my parents! It was such a fun evening, and such an accomplishment to have actually made it happen! In this week’s blog post, I wanted to share some of the fun from the event!

I decided this time last year that I wanted to do something big to celebrate my parents’ Anniversary. I figured a spur-use party would be the most fun way to go about it! I began deciding who I wanted to invite, what kind of food I’d serve and most importantly when I’d plan it! i asked my family to help coordinate to keep it a secret.

My parents got married on St. Patrick’s Day, so I thought it’d be fun to mix the decor with both St. Patrick’s Day and a 30th Anniversary theme. Party City and Amazon definitely helped me with all of the decorations! I decided to do a mix of food, including sandwiches, a veggie platter, and of course, my grandma’s famous deviled eggs!

The hardest part was definitely keeping it a secret. My mom was definitely grilling me about what was going on that day. All I told her was she and my dad needed to find something to do that day, and be home around 5pm.

The day of, I was running around like a crazy person making sure I had everything done. I had family members picking up the food and setting up the last minute decorations. I wanted everything to be perfect! As crazy as that day was, the end result was priceless.

I’m so happy I was able to pull off a surprise like this for them! Here are a few pictures from the evening. Congratulations Mom and Dad on 30 years!

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