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The Unglamorous Side of Self Care

I think we can all agree that Instagram makes self-care look “pretty.” People talk about things like bubble baths, lighting candles, and spa nights. Yes, those are all wonderful things to do for yourself! But the reality is, there are other aspects of self care that don’t get discussed quite as often, that aren’t always as pretty. So, I wanted to share some of those things in this week’s blog in the hopes that it gives people reassurance in their own efforts to better themselves.

1). Unlearning Behaviors

This is one of the hardest things to do, friends. It takes time to un-learn things we’ve had engrained into our minds for so many years. For example, a big one for me is the idea that “success” means having a 9-5 office job. The reality is, there are so many other versions of success that nobody talk about! So, whatever the story is for you, know that it can be reversed.

2). Realizing YOU may be the Toxic One

This is a BIG one, friends. Sometimes, we have to acknowledge that we have some unhealthy habits we need to change. For example, my anxiety tends to make me get overly emotional in situations where I don’t need to be. So, I work daily on keeping my mindset in check to reduce the chance of that happening.

So, how do we go about changing and un-learning these things? Here are a few tips and tricks I use regularly.

1). Journaling

There’s something about getting my thoughts on paper that makes them seem less overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding why we have certain thoughts and beliefs. The more we journal and reflect, the more we can unlock about those things.

2). Seeking Professional Help

This is a game-changer, friends! When you have certain habits and things you know need changing, sometimes you need the extra help to get there. Therapy has done wonders for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who may be struggling.

Self care isn’t always “pretty” or even enjoyable for that matter. However, when we put in the hard work to change certain things, we are always better off for it!

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